What information does SL&A collect?
We do not collect your personal information unless you provide it to us.  We may collect your email address and/or V-Card or other comparable information when you request information about our services.  We do not collect any information of any kind from anyone known to us to be under the age of 17.  We also collect non-personal information including the kind of browser you may be using, web pages accessed, IP address utilized, search terms utilized and information elements of that nature.  These non-personal items of information are not tied back to your personal information.

Can I instruct SL&A not to retain any personal information that I may have submitted?
Yes.  Send an email with that request to our Information Security Officer:  InfoSec@stevelee.com.

How Does SL&A Use Any information that may be collected?
We may use the information to contact you and/or to better understand how visitors to our Web presence navigate through it.  We use the information to improve the presentation of our services.

Does SL&A sell, rent, lend or otherwise provide the information it collects to third parties?
No,  Not ever.  Never.

How secure is the information I provide to SL&A?
Very few information transactions over the Internet are fully secure and information you may provide to us cannot be fully secure while it is in transit.  Information in our custody is very secure.  It is maintained in electronically secure locations within physical security provisions that include continuous video surveillance of locked files/computers within locked rooms.

We may have to access and disclose information discussed in this Policy to the extent it is required by a court of competent jurisdiction or government agency having authority to demand or require such information.  We may also examine the information ourselves to investigate incidents of possible hacking, suspected cybercrime, fraud or other activities adverse to our interests and to the interests of our Clients.
Despite our best efforts to keep Internet based information exchanged with us secure, SL&A does not offer any kind of guarantee as to the security of any information you may transmit to us by email or through our Web presence.

Does SL&A put any code on my computer or mobile device?
This site does use cookies. There is nothing else that we put on your computer or mobile device.

Permission & consent
By using any of our Web sites, you give us permission to collect, store and use the information described in this Policy in the manner described in this Policy.