SL&A professional economists and their staff evaluate historical economic data, create “but for” economic models, undertake econometric analyses and apply economic theory to complex dispute issues.

Forensic economics work is undertaken in association with antitrust and other regulatory matters, complex commercial damages, catastrophic losses, intergovernmental disputes, and class action issues, among other cases.

Selected Case Studies/Notable Matters

  • Developed damages theories, analyzed historical market data, valued and assessed theoretical business activities in the “but for” environment, and evaluated expert testimony in a multi-billion dollar antitrust damages action in the credit card space.
  • Conducted an economic analysis showing that a software maker’s operating system did not lead to adverse effects on adoption of enterprise software marketed by a rival.
  • Developed an economic and predictive model for evaluating apportionment of gains and damages associated with contingent liabilities arising from joint venture and co-marketing programs.
  • Analyzed the disputed pre- and post-transaction value of a cross-border purchased loan portfolio.
  • Undertook economic analysis of alleged infringement of intellectual property associated with a reward structure registered with the USPTO.
  • Analyzed the economic substance of Department of Justice rulings against anti-competitive practices in the payments processing sector.