SL&A evaluates and analyzes accounting, financial, transaction and other business records as well as financial information systems in order to develop competent evidential material suitable for courts and other finders of fact.

Clients rely on our expertise to prove or disprove fraud and other types of misconduct, identify and locate assets, determine ownership interests, develop valuations, calculate damages, support the prosecution of white collar crimes, and determine the integrity of representations.

Selected Case Studies/Notable Matters

  • Reconstructed the books and records of a global shipping company that had engaged in falsification of freight records, bills of lading, landing records, storage charges and insurance claims.
  • Scrutinized the business affairs of a nexus of off-shore owned and controlled real estate development entities that had engaged in a scheme to defraud lenders out of hundreds of millions in financing.
  • Evaluated a series of acquisition transactions of a telecommunications firm to determine if payments and accounting records reflected fair value of assets acquired and the extent to which shareholders may have been harmed by accounting records reflecting transactions not in accordance with their substance.
  • Investigated violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by employees of an international firm in its operations outside the United States. Developed a compliance program and subsequent monitoring of same to verify adherence for the US government.
  • Investigated an offshore fraud ring of white-collar criminals that had fled to havens including Belize, Luxembourg and Monaco. Case milestones included identifying, locating and seizing the bulk of the criminal’s ill-gotten assets.