The hallmarks of our expert testifiers are credibility, discretion, commitment, rigor and sagacity. We have extensive experience in State and Federal Courts as well as in venues outside the United States.

Our professionals have provided critical testimony at trial in white collar crime matters, intellectual property disputes, commercial damages claims, claims arising out of antitrust violations, bankruptcy proceedings and class action defense.

Selected Case Studies/Notable Matters

  • Provided expert testimony on the accuracy of Apple’s Find My iPhone application.
  • In the first Twitter libel trial in the United States, provided expert testimony on the propagation through the Web of a purportedly libelous Internet posting.
  • Testified as to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act compliance of an American purchaser of a European company.
  • Expert testifier on the interpretation of cell tower location data.
  • Rendered expert testimony in multiple matters in which aggrieved minority shareholders disputed valuations of take private transactions.
  • In a fraud trial in Federal court, provided expert testimony regarding conspiracy and conversion.
  • Expert testimony was rendered regarding antitrust damages in a multi billion dollar dispute in the credit card industry.