SL&A professionals are highly skilled and trained to swiftly acquire and review material electronic data needed to resolve disputes, develop leads, and discover “smoking guns”. Firm executives implement proprietary computer forensics and computer analyses to electronically gather, preserve, analyze and present discoverable information.

SL&A maintains and continually improves its leading edge ability to recover, authenticate and analyze electronic data so that it may be identified, collected, preserved, and evaluated in a manner that maintains its integrity for use in investigations and litigation. The firm provides the technical and chain-of-custody expertise required including a state-of-the-art computer forensics lab, the latest media harvesting equipment, eDiscovery expertise, key technology partnerships, and technicians standing by throughout the world. Collectively, they position SL&A as the best choice for time sensitive / critical computer forensics.

Selected Case Studies/Notable Matters

  • Established that a former executive employee had exfiltrated a Fortune 500 company’s proprietary IP.
  • Proved that a business development officer and a compliance officer of a defense company had conspired with a competitor company and a foreign purchaser to divert their own company’s sales opportunities to the competitor in exchange for consideration from the foreign purchaser.
  • Forensically imaged and analyzed the accounting server of a company engaged in a massive fraud. The company’s IT department had conspired to replace the server with a “dummy” containing only limited records – excluding various critical sub-ledgers and other accounting records.  We were able to detect the tampering. The fraudsters renamed the original server and installed it elsewhere in their network – physically locating it in a neighboring related party’s facility. We were able to extract several thousand deleted files from the dummy server. These contained Excel files that revealed how the company had manipulated its financial records. The files also provided network tags that helped us locate the original accounting server. When we obtained unfettered access to the various premises, we were able to quickly locate the original server, recover the general ledger that had by that time been erased, and recreate the true financial position of the company.