SL&A provides extensive services to the legal community in the area of calculating commercial damages, including assistance with discovery, settlement negotiations, evaluation of opposing expert analyses, deposition testimony, and trial testimony. We are committed to assisting counsel and their clients through all phases of the litigation process.

Our professionals have worked on numerous cases involving complex analyses such as lost profits, breach of contract and similar tort actions, disgorgement of profits, product liability, shareholder and/or partnership disputes, damages arising from antitrust violations and infringements of intellectual property.

Our testifiers have provided expert witness testimony in many cases in State Superior and Federal Courts. These matters have ranged in economic value up to $6 billion.

Selected Case Studies/Notable Matters

  • Refuted damage claims advanced by an aggrieved airline company asserting that delivery delays of an aircraft manufacturer caused damages in the hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Demonstrated that misappropriated (prohibited use outside license agreement) intellectual property was the lynchpin in the defendant’s business case for the development of a new drug.  We determined damages based on the economic advantage achieved by the misappropriation compared to de novo development of equivalent intellectual property.
  • Analyzed merchant’s damage claims associated with assertions that card associations priced transactions that merchants were forced to accept at predatory levels.
  • Proved the volume and value of disputed royalties due a Fortune 50 US-based global financial services firm by foreign financial institution licensees.