SL&A professionals analyze and evaluate the nature and extent of putative class action plaintiffs’ damages claims in commercial matters.

The firm recalculates plaintiffs’ purported economic losses and also provides data analyses addressing the suitability of the putative class. SL&A has been extensively involved in the pre-certification discovery process with a view toward obtaining and processing data regarding plaintiffs (fact-intensive questions) that militate against class certification.

Selected Case Studies/Notable Matters

  • Developed eDiscovery and Discovery issues that nullified the suitability of putative class plaintiffs as representatives of a certifiable class. When new plaintiffs were substituted the scope of damages was severely limited.
  • Provided expert services in the determination of damages in a class action case goods matter brought against a major food retailer. Proved that there were no economic damages to the putative class.
  • Expert witness in the defense of an action brought on behalf of a class of employees seeking recompense for presumed damages associated with misclassification. Developed empirical damages estimates based on actual employee records and activity.
  • Demonstrated that the conversion basis for damages in a class action suit against a leading parcel courier was orders of magnitude more limited that that advanced by plaintiffs contributing to a settlement agreement considered a “win” by our client.
  • Provided an analysis of long-term side-effect incidence data following pharmaceutical drug usage that undermined plaintiff’s claims of harm. Matter was resolved in favor of the defendants.