Rigorously analytic and inordinately accomplished, Steve Lee & Associates adeptly applies cutting edge technologies and specialized expertise to examine, scrutinize and evaluate critical facts and opinions of interest related to disputed matters. From quantifying losses and economic damages through tort or breach of contract to opining on the diversity of fact questions in class actions, the firm renders intelligible findings and offers focused and merit-determining expert work to clients. 

The firm’s confluence of investigative, cyber security, digital forensics, discovery management and broad expert witness capabilities makes SL&A exceptionally surgically efficient in executing our duties throughout the litigation life cycle.

We have testified on five continents and worked in thirty two countries.

Ninety nine percent of client matters have resolved in favor of our clients.

The firm provides asset tracing and recovery services, investigations, and financial advisory services to lenders. Read more.

SL&A professionals analyze and evaluate the nature and extent of putative class action plaintiffs’ damages claims in commercial matters. We are frequently engaged to undermine certification. Read more.

The firm provides expert services regarding the extent of economic harm in complex, commercial litigation. Read more.

SL&A professionals are highly skilled and trained to swiftly acquire, review and preserve electronic data crucial to the merits in litigation. Read more.

From forensic acquisition to analytics and access, the firm manages legacy and eDiscovery in highly complex litigation involving very large numbers of documents and extensive ESI. Read more.

Our professionals have provided critical testimony at trial in commercial damages cases, white collar crime matters, intellectual property disputes, bankruptcy proceedings and class actions. Read more.

SL&A evaluates and analyzes accounting, financial, transaction and other business records as well as financial information systems in order to develop competent evidential material suitable for resolving litigated and non-litigated disputes. Read more.

SL&A professional economists and their staff evaluate historical economic data, create “but for” economic models, undertake econometric analyses and apply economic theory to complex disputations. Read more.

SL&A provides expert consulting and expert witness assistance in matters involving infringement, trade secret misappropriation, and theft of intellectual property. Read more.