The Firm’s investigative professionals are focused on delivering risk management, asset recovery and problem-solving solutions and strategies in the business and litigation environments. SL&A provides investigative services in highly sensitive local, national and international matters. Our investigators offer a distinctive depth of experience in interviewing techniques, record review, evidence collection, forensic accounting, report writing and testimony. They are highly experienced in both civil and criminal investigations as well as in intelligence and counterintelligence matters. SL&A’s professionals include licensed private investigators, certified fraud examiners, and former federal law enforcement personnel.

The Firm has deep experience in:

  • Financial Institution Fraud
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Securities violations
  • Import / export scams
  • Accounting frauds

Selected Case Studies/Notable Matters

  • Investigated the business affairs of a nexus of off-shore owned and controlled real estate development entities that had engaged in a scheme to defraud lenders out of hundreds of millions in financing.
  • Analyzed and proved the fraud associated with a food processing and distribution firm and its principals that colluded with vendors, customers and related parties to defraud a lender group.  Proved prior lender misrepresentations.
  • Established economic damages and proved the fraud associated with an importer/distributor that had diverted lender funds in order to satisfy obligations overseas.  Proved that the independent auditors surfaced the fraud and failed to disclose it.
  • Traced and recovered misappropriated lender funds diverted outside the United States by a toy and pharmaceuticals importer that falsified inventory-in-transit and related transportation documents in order to cause a group of banks to release Letters-of-Credit.
  • Investigated a $100 million plus + Ponzi scheme involving foreign exchange derivative securities used to arbitrage currency variability.  Demonstrated the culpability of multiple parties and developed forensic evidence sufficient to prove the fraud.
  • Investigated an offshore fraud ring in support of prosecution.  Engagement work included  identifying, locating and seizing the assets of white-collar criminals that had fled to havens including Belize, Luxembourg and Monaco.

Cited Testimony