Our professionals provide diligence, competitive intelligence and counter-intelligence services. SL&A investigates vendors, suppliers, customers, acquisition targets, alliance partners, employees and others upon whose behavior and fair conduct our clients’ welfare depends.

For engagements which require the services of a duly licensed private investigator, we work closely with our sister company, SL&A Investigations, LLC.

Selected Case Studies/Notable Matters

  • Identified an anonymous European hacker and stalker of an American CEO. Instituted procedures without confrontation that caused the hacker/stalker to cease their harassment of the CEO and the CEO’s company.
  • A disgruntled employee attempted to derail a major round of funding for a technology company by spreading rumors of misconduct by the CEO. This was primarily accomplished through the use of a “burner” mobile phone. SL&A identified likely suspects through interviews and then canvassed cell phone stores within a 50-mile radius of the place of employment to locate a store clerk who recognized one of the suspected employees. By tracing the purchase of the mobile phone and comparing it to the timeline of the harassment calls, we were able to rule out all other employees. The suspect employee was confronted and confessed.
  • A privately owned affiliate of a major publicly held financial institution obtained access to the public entity’s pre-release earnings reports and was selling them to competitors and arbitrageurs. SL&A identified the individual within the affiliate that had gained access to this confidential financial information and set up a sting operation to catch the individual “red handed”.
  • An information security professional of a Fortune 100 firm who felt that he should be involved in penetration testing illegally engaged in hacking the company’s vendors and also practicing hacking skills on other organizations. When vendors complained of problems with their IT infrastructure arising from penetrations associated with the Fortune 100 firm’s systems, SL&A traced the activity to the information security professional
  • An employee sought to sell pre-release financial records of a Fortune 50 financial services firm to its competitors. SL&A identified the employee, obtained sufficient proof of the employee’s culpability, and referred to the matter to law enforcement for a successful prosecution.
  • Employees of a Fortune 500 firm were receiving threats of violence designed to cause workers and executives anguish and anxiety and to upset their normal workflow. SL&A identified the perpetrator as a disgruntled former employee with a history of violence who had overstayed his student visa and was in country on an illegal basis. The matter was referred to the authorities and the perpetrator was taken into custody and returned to his country of origin.
  • A faculty member at a for-profit university used photo editing to place images of the heads of women in his classes onto the bodies of women in pornographic photos. He then sent these photos to his university email address from email addresses that he created that appeared to be from the women depicted in the emails. Based on receiving these emails, he brought sexual harassment suits against the university. SL&A proved that he faked the photos and the emails. The fraudster’s lawsuit was unsuccessful.