SL&A professionals are proficient and experienced in identifying, locating and tracing funds and funds flows arising from fraudulent conveyance, cons, employee theft, management malfeasance, bank frauds, securities violations, Ponzi schemes, breeches of contract, bribery, FCPA violations, money laundering, self dealing, undisclosed related party and other less-than-arm’s length transactions.

The firm specializes in locating and recovering offshore funds.

SL&A asset tracing services are frequently utilized in the following contexts:

  • Insolvency and bankruptcy matters
  • Fraud investigations
  • Bank loan loss recovery
  • Valuations & settlements
  • Damages assessments

Selected Case Studies/Notable Matters

  • An executive of a Chinese joint venture misappropriated investor funds and secreted them in the names of family members, friends and business associates using false vendors, bogus loans and other chicanery. SL&A was able to trace the funds to their destinations, worked with local law enforcement and financial institutions in the countries in which the funds had been deposited, and successfully recovered more than 80% of the embezzled money.
  • Identified previously undisclosed domestic and foreign assets of a defaulted residential real estate developer in order to obtain emergency account freezing orders and to seize liquid assets under writs of attachment.
  • Located funds misappropriated offshore through an inventory round-tripping scheme between and among related parties. Organized a freeze on the subject’s offshore accounts pending a successful domestication overseas of a US judgment leading to substantial recovery of the misappropriated funds.