The firm has provided investigative services on a global basis for more than 30 years. Our SL&A Investigations LLC* unit augments capabilities with licensed private investigators hailing from federal law enforcement agencies and multi-country intelligence services. Forensics capabilities address all facets of the cyber and physical terrain. Investigators are particularly skilled at identifying and remediating threats ranging from potential misappropriation of intellectual property to red collar crime.

Extensive experience in the investigation and remediation of bank frauds, Ponzi schemes, securities violations, import and export scams, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations, trade secret theft, valuation swindles, computer crimes, and accounting fraud garners clients the prevailing advantage in litigated matters and the competitive advantage in business environments.

* (IL lic 117.001583)

SL&A professionals are proficient and experienced in identifying, tracing and recovering funds and funds flows arising from fraudulent conveyance, cons, employee theft, management malfeasance, bank frauds, securities violations, Ponzi schemes, breaches of fiduciary duty, bribery, FCPA violations, money laundering, self-dealing, and undisclosed related party transactions. Read more.

Our professionals provide defensible and focused diligence, intelligence and counter-intelligence services to fully and credibly identify and document misconduct, regulatory violations, breaches of fiduciary duty, governance transgressions, labor issues, and social, ethical and environmental contraventions. Read more.

The Firm’s investigative professionals probe and prove deceptions  intended to dishonestly provide financial or personal gain at the expense of the aggrieved party. Read more.