The firm evaluates strategies, organizational initiatives, acquisitions, divestitures, other transactions, legal actions, and competitor actions with regard to economic impact and sustainability.

SL&A’s professionals provide the firm’s clients with an objective and fully researched assessment of the financial consequence of key decisions. Strategic and tactical choices are evaluated for their soundness, advisability, revenue generating possibilities, and potential for loss.

Selected Case Studies/Notable Matters

  • Determined the feasibility of instituting a FCPA compliance program among the African and Middle Eastern units of a global logistics company acquired by a Fortune 100 firm.
  • Undertook the feasibility analysis and launch strategy for a US firm’s new financial services products and operations in Europe.
  • Evaluated the feasibility and market plan for the cross selling of brokerage, investment, and insurance services to a leading financial institution’s customers.
  • Assessed the feasibility of placing super-ferries in service between and among Japanese islands