We have undertaken hundreds of due diligence engagements over the years on behalf of private equity firms, mezzanine lenders, secured lenders, strategic and corporate buyers and others. Our work has comprised:

  • Financial diligence including verification of assets, reasonableness of multiples, EBITDA add backs and more
  • Market, economic and feasibility studies, and
  • Investigation into the background, financial condition and conduct of targets’ principals.

We employ a lean process designed to contain fees and focus on the diligence issues that matter.

Selected Case Studies/Notable Matters

  • Undertook due diligence for the privatization of a public company and its acquisition by the portfolio firm of a major private equity fund.
  • Provided a financial due diligence analysis for the acquisition of a family-owned and operated manufacturing firm.
  • Provided marketing and operational due diligence in support of a potential merger of two leading consumer lenders.
  • Provided valuations and divestiture support for the FDIC’s management of troubled (payment card) merchant portfolios.
  • Undertook multiple due diligence assignments regarding hospital and related provider acquisitions for a leading healthcare chain.
  • Evaluated a contentious Japanese bank joint venture opportunity for a major American lender.
  • Provided acquisition due diligence of a major, international travel concern on behalf of a global leader in the financial services sector.
  • Provided an early wave-off of a pending international biotechnology acquisition based on uncovering malfeasance on the part of the target’s management.