Working in tandem with the national electronic discovery practice of a global law firm, Steve Lee & Associates pioneered a cutting edge data remediation program to assist businesses in legally and ethically discarding and recycling documents and data that are inconsistent with records retention policies, reasonable preservation policies and litigation holds. The SL&A proprietary process and technology, DOCSIZE℠, justifies the secure destruction of OLDIIS (Orphaned, Legacy and/or Dormant Inactive Information Stores) as well as the identification and retention of information that must be preserved. DOCSIZE℠ addresses all forms of data including, but not limited to, paper, microfiche and electronically stored information.

There are immediate savings on storage, and considerable savings associated with avoiding future and unnecessary discovery review. Return on investment is typically achieved within months.

Selected Case Studies/Notable Matters

  • Using our proprietary methodologies, we determined the range of production, non-production and de-commissioned servers that contained information not subject to litigation holds, preservation requirements and retention policies. Applying DOCSIZE in conjunction with the IT staff and records management leadership of a Fortune 500 firm, we safely, thoroughly, defensibly and irrecoverably destroyed the relevant electronic information. Having established the parameters for the destruction of electronic information, we applied these to the company’s non-electronic records and reduced their physical record keeping requirements by almost 75,000 bankers’ boxes.
  • A major financial institution maintained paper records dating back to World War II. Most of these were kept in secure third party storage facilities. Many had not been accessed in decades. Working closely with the company’s records management professionals and utilizing our DOCSIZE methodologies, we identified almost half a billion pieces of paper in approximately 56,000,000 documents to be defensibly destroyed.